‘Fake Lesbian’ t.A.T.u. Singer Has A Completely Different Look 17 Years After Hit (NSFW)


For a country that’s meant to be violently homophobic, it’s wild to think that Russia produced ‘lesbian’ pop act t.A.T.u. in the mid 2000s, and even had them perform at the Sochi Olympics ceremony back in 2014. I guess when Putin says “no gays allowed” he’s only referring to the dudes? 

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Anyway, years after scandalising the charts to the point that Richard & Judy started a campaign to get the video for ‘All The Things She Said’ banned, one half of Tatu has showed up with a brand new look and it’s pretty much the botox freak vibe that so many go for nowadays.

Here’s Yulia Volkova in her Tatu days alongside co-star Lena Katina:

And what 34-year-old Yulia looks like now:

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I know, people get older and their appearances change. Crazy stuff. Still she might be a bit more recognisable if she hadn’t gone to town on her face with fillers and injections.

Back in the day many accused Tatu, who wore school uniforms and made out with each other in their videos, of pretending to be lesbians for attention.

Yulia addressed that recently:

I still like boys and girls. Even my current husband Volodya, sitting in front of me, would confirm that he knows about my stories with the girls.

For me, this is a current issue. Quite recently, I had a girlfriend that I liked.

This is not even the echoes of the past, this is what I now live in.

I’m not sure why so many people don’t believe her but I’m going to go ahead and take her word for it.


To watch an Uber driver kick a lesbian couple out of his car because they were full on snogging in the back seat, click HERE. What’s his problem eh?


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