YouTubers Reveal Shady Marketing Agency Offered To Pay Them To Spread COVID Misinformation

Probably not really that surprising.

One of the biggest problems during the pandemic – or just in society in general over the past few years – is that now anyone can write something on the internet and get thousands of people to believe them if they sound convincing enough.

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This has obviously been a major problem with the spread of misinformation and disinformation regarding vaccines, death rates, PPE and pretty much every aspect of the pandemic that you can care to think about and it turns out that it might not just be people writing crap on the internet, but a sinister marketing agency might be responsible for at least some of this. YouTubers Mirko Drotschmann and Leo Grasset revealed that a shady company named Fazze had approached both of them and offered them €2000 each to promote their own agenda of discrediting the vaccine.

That’s weird isn’t it? BBC News journalist Charlie Hynes then picked up the story and well, the whole story gets even shadier and more suspicious. Here’s what he found out:

Wow. Definitely sounds like they’re up to no good there doesn’t it? Doesn’t sound like Haynes is going to actually get to the bottom of it all and find out what it’s all about though does it? These Russians are just too good at denying everything and being all murky.

It’s still kinda crazy to me that there are countries out there doing stuff like that, but I suppose I shouldn’t really be surprised these days. Everyone has an agenda, right and it seems like some people know exactly how to impart it on the general population. Be careful.

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