YouTuber Tricks Influencers Into Promoting Gravel By Claiming Its From The Moon


The rise of the influencer is one of the most annoying traits in modern society but seemingly one of their innate qualities is that they’re all really stupid and will believe literally anything and that’s why it’s so much fun to see them getting pranks played on them.

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This jokes video comes courtesy of YouTuber Josh Pieters who tricked a whole bunch of influencers into promoting gravel by claiming that it had come directly from the moon. How did he manage to do that? Just by sending them the gravel and telling them that it was a special gift from NASA to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, that was it.

Naturally, all of the influencers – many of whom were from the Made In Chelsea cast – just lapped it all up and posted it all over their social media accounts, looking like major numpties to the world at large. Check out the full prank in Josh’s video below:

Lol such a joke how easy this people are to believe anything that’s told them. Literally so stupid, but I suppose I shouldn’t really be dissing them though because they’ve got loads of free stuff and money and probably don’t work too hard for a living at all, just spend all their time sitting around posting about their free stuff. Sounds pretty good to be fair, although maybe not that great when everyone in the world thinks you’re stupid. Swings and roundabouts I guess.

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