YouTuber Takes Revenge Using A Webcam On His Best Friend’s Sister (VIDEO)



YouTube stars – they just keep getting more and more desperate in their videos in search of those elusive hits, and this case of JMX and his FIFA 17 channel is no different.

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JMX – real name Joel Morris – mainly concerns his millions of followers with excellent FIFA 17 videos, but he also loves a good prank in his spare time and that’s exactly what this is all about. He announces that he’s going to ‘pretend’ to have sex with another YouTube star named Maxplay’s sister. You can see how it all plays out in the video below:

Yeah, I mean Maxplay didn’t sound too happy about all that did he? Fairly certain it looks like JMX has a boner when he gets out of bed too though so he probably is porking her behind his back anyway. I mean he already said she fancied him in the video, and you know that’s going to make for some good behind the scenes YouTube drama isn’t it?

As a side note, looks like these YouTubers have some pretty nice apartments eh? I guess I got into the wrong game.

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