This Video Shows Young Model Hours Before Brutal Execution In Front Of Her Family

Karla Karina Garza Garcia

What a contrast.

A model and TV aid in Mexico, Karla Karina Garza Garcia, was brutally shot in cold blood recently after criminals broke into her family home.

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Police reports state that masked men made their way into the 23-year-old’s home near Monterrey and shouted, “where is Karina?” They found the model hiding in the laundry room where they shot her in the head in front of her mother and brother. Absolutely brutal.

After the police showed up to the house, the criminals had already busted out and fled the scene in a black Cadillac. It is suspected that this is a hit from a cartel, as the father of Garcia’s children was also murdered earlier this year, although this is currently being investigated.

The savage attack came just hours before Garcia was seen out partying with friends, where she looks happy and relaxed.

Imagine that? You’re out with your buddies, drinking and having a good time, then you come home to a bunch of armed men shouting for your name. Not cool. Then to get shot in the head. Even worse. RIP.

As said, it’s suspected to be something to do with cartels. While we’re on the topic, check out the trailer to ‘Cartel Land’ – the documentary all about vigilantes fighting back against Mexican drug dealers.


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