Young Kidderminster Thug Beheads Seagull In Sickening Snapchat Video


People say that there isn’t much to do if you grow up in boring towns in the middle of nowhere like Kidderminster, but even so you should turn your attention to playing board games or fishing or something and not the sickening stuff that the kids in the video below are indulging in.

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The video below was posted on Snapchat a couple of weeks ago and features a kid from Kidderminster filming another one as he picks up a seagull by the head and then spins it around and around and around until its head literally comes off in his hand. He then runs up to his mate and shows him the head and beak in gory fashion, and then proceed to smoke a spliff.

Check it out below, even though we’ve blurred most of it it’s still pretty sick so again be warned about watching this if you’ve got a nervous disposition because it’s pretty upsetting:

Jesus Christ that’s screwed up isn’t it? What the hell is wrong with these people that they think that filming that and sending it out to anyone on the internet is in any way a good idea whatsoever?

However, the RSPCA and Mercia police have investigated the incident and determined that the seagull was at least already dead when this asshole pulled its head off. Here’s what  Chief Inspector Gerry Smith said about it all:

We have looked into the video involving a seagull that has understandably upset members of the community.

We have consulted with the RSPCA and although the video is very distressing and upsetting to view, it has been determined that the seagull was already dead, and will not be investigated further.

Officers will be speaking with the man that was in the video and give him words of advice.

I guess that’s something, but I doubt he’s gonna change his habits after a talking to by the cops if he’s doing messed up shit like this on the reg. Guy needs to be monitored constantly before he does something that could seriously hurt someone or something. Clearly got something wrong with him.

For more of the same, check out this seagull mugging a woman of her fish and chips. They are bastards but I don’t think we need to decapitate them because of it.


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