This Young Family Got Kicked Off A Plane Because They Had Terrible BO


Wash your pits people.

Travelling can be stressful at the best of times, but nobody wants to be sitting next to someone who completely stinks on a long plane journey.

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Unfortunately this can happen to the best of us due to the stuffy nature of planes, but usually people are kind enough to not complain about it and just breathe into their jacket sleeve or something. This isn’t the case for everyone though as Yossi Adler and his family sadly found out when they were escorted off the plane for smelling bad on their way from Miami to Detroit.

To make matters worse, Yossi insisted that they didn’t smell at all and their luggage wasn’t returned to them either and remained on the plane to Detroit meaning that they couldn’t even get changed into clean clothes to remedy the situation. The family had to stay overnight in Miami at a hotel free of charge and were then let onto a flight the next day, but they were still mad about the whole situation and rightly so really to be fair.

Yossi even thinks it may have been a racist attack as well:

There’s no body odour that we have. There’s nothing wrong with us.

All of a sudden, as soon as they took us off, they closed the gate and then they said, “Sorry, sir, some people complained you had body odor and we’re not letting you back on,

They had our stroller, luggage, car seat, everything.

The day after we even stopped several people in the airport and, it’s embarrassing, but we asked them, “Do you think we smell? Because we just got kicked off a plane for smelling”.

Nobody said we smelled.

I want them to own up to what really happened and tell me the truth. What was it?

I mean I dunno what to make of that. The old saying goes that ‘dirty dogs can’t smell themselves’, but even so I can’t believe that someone smelled that bad that they had to be ejected from a plane on a two or three hour journey.

Surely it can’t have been that repulsive that that had to happen? It’s a shame that there’s no testimony from people on the plane to back American Airline’s version of events up – they’re saying that several passengers complained about them – because a whole bunch of people can’t be wrong can they? Hopefully we’ll hear some more from this story and get to the bottom of it.

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