Airplane Forced To Emergency Land Because Of Woman’s ‘Putrid Private Parts’


Hand me a sick bag.

United Airlines Flight 193 from D.C. had to make an emergency landing recently due to the stench of a woman’s private parts being too overpowering for passengers to bear.

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According to reports, a woman named Larissa Jones’ stench from down below had actually started to make people sick, causing the pilot to shorten the flight and stop off in Charlotte, North Carolina.


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Once the passengers had left the aircraft carrier, Hazmat crews had to spray down the carriages with disinfectant, while Larissa was taken to a local hospital to get checked out.

One of the passengers said:

I thought something crawled up in her and died, it smelled like weave mixed with diarrhea shit.

Meanwhile, a flight attendant stated:

I can’t believe she would come on a public plane smelling like that, I should sue the airline for pain and suffering.

Woh there, sounds like that woman has issues. I mean you have to have some serious health problems for your down below to actually smell bad – and it sounds like she was on the same level as blue waffle. Hopefully they can treat her at the hospital sharpish before she kills anyone with that awful stench. Maybe she had the same problem that this woman had?


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