You’ll Soon Be Able To Live Out Your Lara Croft Fantasies With This ‘Tomb Raider’ Sex Doll

Tomb raider sex bot

Gamers around the world rejoice.

Growing up, ‘Tomb Raider’ was a significant part of every boy’s sexual awakening. From her massive tits to her superhuman strength and combat skills, Lara Croft was the main cause for wet dreams around the country.

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And now it looks like this fantasy will soon become a reality as the sex doll company RealDoll is looking into creating a ‘Tomb Raider’ sex doll. CEO Matt McMullen said:


A lot of prepubescent boys grew up playing Tomb Raider and were probably thinking ‘wow I’d really like to meet the real Lara Croft and get to know her’.

We do as human beings form these kind of attractions towards characters real or fictional.

An underlying fantasy of meeting this character would make such an experience.

People get connected and attracted to characters. Lara Croft is not a real person – she is a character. She has been in popular culture for a long time.

A character like Lara Croft would probably be more popular than an actual celebrity. And the reason for that is she’s actually a character.

Fictional characters tend to be more fantastical and interesting than everyday people.

I think people would be drawn more towards robots made in the image of larger-than-life characters.


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Genius marketing plan if you ask me – I reckon they could make big bucks with this idea. They just need to get permission from Square Enix now to use her character and RealDoll will get working on the prototype. Let the wank fest begin.

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