This Footage Showing How Realistic Sex Dolls Are Made Is Creepy AF (Kinda NSFW)


Behind-the-scenes footage from the production line at Real Dolls is an interesting, if slightly creepy insight into how the most realistic sex dolls in the world are made.

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Straight out of their factory over in LA – each doll can be custom-made and costs about £4,770 to start, with customised models at £8,620 upwards. Blimey.

Not sure what that creepy music was meant to achieve, but I guess it’s not easy to pick a soundtrack for this kind of thing.

Regardless, you can’t deny it’s pretty impressive when you see the amount of work that goes into these things. Personally I’d rather crank my own stick or have sex with actual human being rather than a lifeless doll made out of plastic, but I still appreciate the effort that’s gone into creating them. If a sex doll is something you might be interested in, I reckon this is the cream of the crop.

If you’re on a tight budget though, there’s always this version (NSFL).


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