You Can Now Rent A Toilet In London For Just £3,000 Per Month



A toilet in Highgate has gone up for rent for £3,000 per month — yes you read that right. Not a bedroom or a tent, but a fucking toilet.

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The standalone loo is inside a block of flats and next to a bus turnaround point, which the owner, James Atherton, thinks will offer a solution to bus drivers who will need to spend more than a penny when nature calls. Atherton said:

Bus drivers in Highgate don’t have a toilet.

I thought they might be interested in buying it, or maybe three of them could get together and rent it.

Does this nutter know how much bus drivers get paid? £3,000 per month is just not even fathomable. He also said that the tenants would have to keep this prime real estate in good condition:

Whoever takes it will have to clean and maintain it themselves and use it as a toilet.

And no parties.

Highgate London bus

Parties…in a standalone toilet. I’m starting to wonder if this Atherton guy even lives in the real world.

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Unsurprisingly there have been no offers made, but he said he would consider selling a 20 year lease for £20,000 so hopefully with that tasty little bargain there the offers will be flooding in.

Seriously though, this is even worse than that ad that went up for a bed in a living room for £500 per month.


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