You Can Now Buy A Vegan Burger That’s So Realistic It Actually Bleeds


Good news for people attempting Veganuary.

Last year, more and more people adopted a vegan lifestyle than ever before and it seems like this trend will continue in 2017, especially with a new range of burgers like the one in this article being released.

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One of the main complaints people cite about not wanting to go vegan is that a lot of the substitute food and burgers are completely gross and don’t resemble actual meat in the slightest. A Californian company named Beyond Meat has spent seven years developing the plant based Beyond Burger and claim that it bleeds just like a real burger and is the closest that anyone has ever come to replicating meat.


I can’t actually taste the Beyond Burger, but it certainly looks as though it would taste delicious and be a worthy substitute for meat. Unfortunately it isn’t available over here yet, but it went on sale in 200 Whole Foods stores last month and as the company is backed by Bill Gates and Twitter co-founder Biz Stone, I suspect that it won’t take too long until it ends up in the country. I can’t wait.

If you’re not convinced of the benefits of a vegan lifestyle, then check out this article. Probably does make sense these days, although I can’t personally see myself giving up meat for good.


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