You Can Now Buy A Three Litre Bottle Of Jack Daniel’s For £50 At Morrison’s


Bargain of the century.

There’s nothing like cheap alcohol deals to get you excited on Black Friday, and this might be one of the greatest we’ve ever seen.

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Down at Morrison’s, they’re now selling a three litre bottle of Jack Daniel’s for just £50. Not only is it incredible that a three litre bottle of Jack Daniel’s even exists, but the fact that it’s only £50 is pretty spectacular as well – in case you didn’t know a regular one litre bottle of Jack normally sells for £30, so three litres should technically host around £90. That’s a £40 saving for those slow ones of you out there. Gotta love Morrison’s.


The bottle is available at all Morrison’s stores in the run up to Christmas, but you won’t be able to find it online anywhere so you’ve actually gotta get up off your ass and got and get it. That’s the only real bummer about this offer though. We can but hope it will continue after Christmas.

It’s also going to make the next ‘downing a bottle of Jack Daniel’s challenge pretty interesting. Check out this mental Welsh kid who did it in 13 seconds once. Insane.


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