Two Most Determined Dudes Ever Go To The Pub And Get Wasted Despite The Beer Garden Being Completely Flooded

If Carlsberg did drinking buddies…

In what has to be the most Yorkshire story of all time, these two guys went for a session at the Kirkstall Bridge pub in Leeds despite the fact that it was a cold, windy, rainy Sunday that resulted in the pub’s beer garden being completely flooded.

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Here’s what it looked like – they’re literally waist-deep in the flood drinking pints of beer:

A local made out like it was the most casual thing ever:

There’s not much to tell really they were just having a pint. They were there when the water was round their ankles and just stayed until it stopped raining.


Love it. Probably the two tightest, most reliable drinking buddies of all time. I guarantee these guys would never let you down if you wanted to go to the pub and were short on company.

Rain, sleet, snow or flood these two are there. I mean yeah one day you’ll probably be at their hospital bedside watching them die from alcohol-induced liver failure but until that happens, let the good times roll I say.

Probably our favourite pub beer garden story since the guy who was caught having a 40-minute coked up wank-athon in one.


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