It’s Official: Yorkshire Is The Filthiest Area Of The UK

You dirty bastards.

I think we all know everyone in Yorkshire is a dirty bastard, but now we have genuine evidence. Turns out, Yorkshire has been revealed as the top county in the UK for dogging.

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Apparently, the northern spot has 271 dogging spots – pretty impressive. The locations include a water park in Wakefield, a swimming bath in Hull and a track next to the runway of Doncaster Sheffield Airport.

Yorkshire is so fucking horny that it contains more outdoor sex spots than the whole of Wales combined. Not bad. According to sex site Swinging Heaven, more than 21,000 members from the county meet up at a range of spots including the car park opposite Preston North End’s Deepdale stadium, Charnock Richard services on the M6 and Moor Park bowling green in Preston.


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One online shagger said:

I ended up in a truck with a fit trucker who I met in the loo. Def one to visit again.

Sounds like a classy encounter. So there you have it: Yorkshire is officially the filthiest spot in the UK. As if we didn’t know that already.


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