Yoko Ono Performs Completely Weird Cover Of Katy Perry’s Firework

Yoko Ono Firework

It pretty much just sounds like she’s having a really, really intense orgasm on a different planet for two and a half minutes.

Yoko Ono Firework

You know when you read a headline that says something like ‘completely weird’ in it and then you read the story/watch the video and it isn’t even that weird and you just feel cheap and trashy and used? Well I promise you that this is not one of those times because this is definitely the weirdest video you will see today, unless Lazer Horse crops up with one of his completely messed up videos again. It’s also been around since June but doesn’t seem to have picked up any love until a day or so ago, which is really surprising considering how bizarre it is. Everyone knows who Yoko Ono is but I haven’t really heard much of her recently, and I guess it’s because she’s lost in the world of weirdass performance art doing mental stuff like this so that the skinny hipsters over in New York have something to talk about whilst they smoke cigarillos and drink  espresso.

This performance does deserve a mention though. I know I said cover in the title but if you click onto this video expecting to see a video of Yoko Ono singing Katy Perry’s Firework then you’re gonna be surprised. That’s what I thought I was going to see when I clicked onto it originally but then I freaked the fvck out because that was 100% not what happened. Yoko Ono is standing in some big gallery somewhere and a bunch of creative types are waiting for her performance. Someone is playing Katy Perry’s Firework on the piano in the background as Yoko walks up to the mic and you think you’re gonna hear ‘Do you ever feel like a plastic bag?’ but instead she starts shrieking like she’s either a rabid dog or having the most intense orgasm any woman has ever had in history. I guess we all know what John Lennon loved about her now. Anyway that goes on for about two minutes before she leaves to an applause that was probably more enthusiastic than i would have expected. It’s really freakin’ weird but something you just can’t look away from. I guess that’s performance art though huh?

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OK, so that obviously wasn’t real but it was pretty funny to make you think that it was huh? Yoko Ono did really perform all that weird yelping sometime and it was called ‘Screaming Song’ but she didn’t do it to a Katy Perry backing track; that was all the idea of the YouTube user kroiker who set it all up because he thought it would be really funny to do so. And it was. So props to him.


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