Watch A Yodel Delivery Driver Drift His Van Around A Roundabout


Is this the worst delivery driver ever?

Video footage has emerged online of a Yodel delivery drive repeatedly drifting in his van around a roundabout outside Westwood Cross shopping centre in Kent.

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And apparently, it’s not even the first time the driver has been exercising his need for speed in the area. The witness and camera man that filmed the ridiculous footage said:

He was doing it for about a week last month.

That must be one serious petrol tank to last a whole week.

The man, an employee of bus company Stagecoach, and who wished not to be named, claimed that on previous occasions the Yodel driver has been joined by friends in ‘a small black chavmobile’. Brilliant.

He also said that there was an alarmingly large presence of pedestrians around the area and plenty of cars on the road at the time of filming. In the Yodel driver’s defence, the road does look pretty empty though and he’s clearly some kind of semi-professional motorsport athlete (is that a thing?), so I’m sure he knows what he’s doing. That’s not to say it isn’t unbelievably stupid, because it obviously is (it does look fucking cool though, right?)

A spokesperson for Yodel released a statement saying:

The driver has been identified as a supplier and immediately removed from our business. This behaviour is completely unacceptable and we are passing his details to the police.

Yodel takes the safety of its workforce and the general public extremely seriously. All of our drivers are provided with training and strict codes of conduct which they are expected to adhere to at all times.

Does that training include advanced driving? Because it sure looks that way.

Credit where credit is due though, at least Yodel handled this incident a lot better than when one of their employees totally started stalking a customer. Where do they find these employees?


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