This Russian TV Anchor’s Toilet Paper Dress Is The Hottest New Fashion Trend Of 2020

People aren’t happy with her.

At a time when toilet paper is the hottest commodity on the streets, a Russian TV anchor has invited a barrage of abuse her way by using some bog roll to make herself a boob tube and miniskirt.

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Russia’s Yana Koshkina, 29, shared the photo on Instagram as she prepared for self-isolation:

The caption reads:

I just found some toilet paper in a supermarket. Ready for self-isolation. Thank God.

So yeah, people are having a go at her because a) toilet paper is in short supply and b) they’re annoyed that she’s attention-seeking at a time where everyone apparently needs to be serious and miserable all the time. I can see those arguments, but at the same time, it’s kind of hard to be mad at her? Probably because she looks pretty, pretty, pretty good in that bog roll miniskirt.

Even still, I wouldn’t recommend using your TP to make new fashion statements. Best to just wipe your ass with it instead.

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