Coronavirus Backlash For Instagram Model Who Tried To Start Face Mask Bikini Challenge

Well that backfired.

If you didn’t already have a reason to go out and buy one of the last few remaining face masks available, why not buy some anyway and get involved in this Russian Instagram model’s bikini challenge?

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Bodybuilder/fitness model Yulia Ushakova thought it would be fun if everyone started using face masks as bikinis, and kicked off the challenge with a photo of her doing exactly that:

Maybe in another place and in another time, that would have been a successful social media challenge. But not March 2020 in the middle of a global pandemic, and not on other Instagram users’ watch as they gave her a piece of their minds:

There is a global lack of masks. This is the worst joke I have seen during these horrible days.

Another said:

Totally stupid and disrespectful to all doctors and all those who are suffering. Unfollow right away. Enough.

A third added:

In the moment when those masks can save a life, this is not the best kind of joke you can do.

I guess it’s mission accomplished for Yulia in the end because the whole point was to drive everyone to her page. I reckon she genuinely thought people would love the idea of a face mask bikini challenge though. Makes sense when you’re Instagramming 24/7.

In fact she’s the second IG model in a week to commit a coronavirus faux-pas. Yesterday one did a photoshoot in an empty supermarket aisle – lol.


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