New $299 ‘Smart Mask’ Comes With Noise-Cancelling Headphones & Three Dual-Speed Fans

Is this the sickest facemask on the market right now?

Just when you thought face masks were about to become obsolete, a new product hits the market that serves a dual purpose of protecting against COVID-19 and bringing music to your ears – the futuristically named Xupermask.

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It may not surprise you to learn this is the creation of N95 mask manufacturer Honeywell and Black Eyed Peas singer, who I think has developed a few products these last few years which all basically flopped.

Will the Xupermask (pronounced ‘supermask’) be any different? Well it’s made out of silicone and mesh fabric and comes equipped with ventilation filters and noise-cancelling headphones, so that’s kinda cool. It has Bluetooth capability, LED lights for use at night, three dual-speed fans and a rechargeable battery. It also makes you look like a bit like a ninja cyborg out of Mortal Kombat who is about to pull off a ‘Fatality’ finishing move. At $299 a pop though, it’s probably marketed at people who want to make a fashion statement, right? told The Times:

We are living in sci-fi times. But we are wearing masks from yesterday’s movie. So I wanted to make a mask to fit the era that we’re in.

To be fair, the mask does look kinda sick. It might even be worth the $299 if I was certain COVID-19 would still be a thing for the next few years and needed a long-term mask. The built-in headphones and triple fans to keep you cool are pretty handy features. Also looks like the sort of thing you could wear when you absolutely don’t want anyone talking to you, so that’s another bonus right there.

If we get hit by another one or two waves and it becomes clear that the pandemic life is here to stay, then shit, I may just invest. A product that people actually want to buy? It’s a new era indeed.

To watch a Colombian man get chokeslammed into a wall for not wearing his face mask inside the police station, click HERE. Bit harsh.


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