Man Gets Chokeslammed Into A Wall For Not Wearing A Mask In Colombia (VIDEO)

Always wear a mask in Colombia.

We’ve already seen what happens to people who break COVID regulations in India and Indonesia, and apparently the tolerance for rule-breakers is even lower over in Colombia.

A man who walked into a police station without wearing a mask was lifted up by the throat and chokeslammed into the wall in a move that would make The Undertaker & Kane very proud:

Ouch. Now he’s got to put a mask and a neck brace on. Obviously not condoning the police officer’s actions here – he’s clearly just used the whole no mask thing as an excuse to be violent, and apparently you can get away with that sort of thing in south America. I mean why not just give the poor guy a fine or something instead of smashing him into the wall with wrestling moves? Really puts in perspective how lucky we are to have relatively reasonable police forces in places like the UK… and we still find a way to bitch about them too.

Anyway, note to self – always wear a mask in Colombia. Unless you want to be on the receiving end of the Big Show’s finishing move.

To watch an independent wrestler pull off the world’s first hands-free chokeslam, click HERE. How does he do that?!


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