WWE Wrestler Kane Is Now The Mayoral Candidate For Knox County, Tennessee


If you ask people who don’t know anything about wrestling to name their favourite wrestlers, they’ll probably mention all the classics like Stone Cold, Undertaker, The Rock and John Cena, but chances are that they’ll also know about the Undertaker’s brother, Kane.

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The Big Red Machine had a career in the WWE for over 20 years and is deservedly in the Hall Of Fame, but since his retirement he’s decided to turn his hand to something else: libertarian politics. And it seems like his campaigning has paid off as he won the Republican nomination for the mayoral candidate in Knox County, Tennessee in the early hours of May 1st.

He announced the news on his official Twitter account, which also regularly features weird pictures of him walking around the neighbourhood campaigning. It’s really weird seeing Kane without his mask on trying to be a political. To be fair, trying and succeeding by the sound of things:


What a hero. I’m not sure when the actual election is scheduled to take place, but I’m guessing that it’s at least a few months away. I’m sure most of the world will be rooting for Kane because it’s absolutely hilarious to think of him being the mayor of a city, and I suppose we’re all hoping that after he’s finished his stint in office he can come back to the WWE for one last run as Mayor Kane. Through hellfire and brimstone!

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