WWE Wrestler Kane Has Been Elected Mayor Of A US County


Through hellfire and brimstone.

Anyone who watched WWE (or WWF as it was back then) during the Attitude era will instantly recognise the name Kane as despite never being a multiple world champion or anything, he was one of the most iconic wrestlers of the time thanks to the fact he was the Undertaker’s brother and had a big red costume with a mask.

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I’ll admit that I hadn’t given much thought to Kane’s post WWE career, but it turns out that the man behind the mask Glenn Jacobs had been planning on entering the political arena when he hung up his boots and following last night’s election, it looks like he’s absolutely smashed it. That’s because Kane (it’s funnier to say Kane rather than Glenn Jacobs) absolutely cleaned up, winning two thirds of the votes cast as he ascended to the role of mayor of Knox County.

Although this is a completely sick achievement, it’s kinda lame that Kane is a Republican. I suppose the clue was in the fact that he stomped around the ring dressed all in red for twenty years though eh? Hopefully he’ll just be like Arnold Schwarzenegger though and focus on centrist policies that benefit everyone.

Fingers crossed that the Big Red Machine does a good job, but I’m feeling like he probably will. How can you not trust Kane? Not like he ever betrayed his own brother multiple times or anything hey? Or accidentally murdered that Katie Vick girl when he was a teenager? I suppose you have to have a few skeletons in your closet to get into politics though. Swings and roundabouts.

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