WWE Referee Snaps His Leg In The Middle Of A Match But Still Makes The Three Count (NSFL)

The show must go on.

You read the headline, you clicked the link, you saw the NSFL warning. Obviously you’re about to see a broken leg. If it’s going to keep you from sleeping tonight, look away now. 

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Ready? OK.

Here’s what happened to WWE/NXT referee Tom Castor the other night:

Yikes! Let’s take a look at some more angles:

Not that I expected pro wrestling referees to be weaklings or anything but it’s still surprising to see this man finish his job like an absolute pro when half his leg is hanging off. I’m sure they could have swapped referees or worked out a different finish to the match that didn’t involve a three count but Tom Castor was determined to end things properly.

Absolute legend. I say take him off officiating these NXT house shows and let him referee a match at Wrestlemania after that performance. That’s one seriously tough dude.

P.S. Weird how nobody went over to help him or even check on him when his leg is clearly broken in two. None of the refs, none of the wrestlers, none of the technicians, nobody. Oh well, the show must go on I suppose.

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