WWE Champion Roman Reigns Reveals He Has Leukemia Live On WWE RAW


He’s taking some time out to kick its ass.

It’s been a long time since I’ve watched wrestling in a serious capacity (well as serious as you can get in terms of wrestling), but I’ve been well aware that Roman Reigns has been on top of the pile for sometime now as the main guy, having headlined WrestleMania a bunch of times and even beating the Undertaker.

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Whilst he might not be everyone’s favourite, there’s no denying that Roman is extremely popular with some fans and that he’s been busting his ass for the company for some years now. So, it was with great sadness that we heard him reveal yesterday that he’s been suffering from leukemia for the last 11 years whilst he’s been wrestling and it’s unfortunately come out of remission and he’s going to step away from the wrestling ring for a while in order to combat it.

This also means that he’ll be relinquishing his WWE Universal title, but that really pales in comparison to what he’s actually going through. You can see the full emotional interview below, but maybe make sure you’ve got the tissues ready:

Damn. That’s pretty difficult to watch and I’m not even a huge fan of the guy like so many people out there seem to be. Here’s hoping he does kick cancer’s ass and get back in the ring to win more and more titles. I’m fairly certain he won’t have too much of a trouble considering how many legends he’s managed to defeat in the past (saw that on his

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