Images Of MASSIVE Wuhan Pool Party With NO Social Distancing In Former Coronavirus Ground Zero

Looks like Wuhan doesn’t give a shit about the virus anymore.

It would appear that Wuhan no longer gives a shit about coronavirus after images emerged online this week showing swimmers in China’s former coronavirus epicenter crammed together for a massive pool party.

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The photos, published by the NY Post, show hundreds of people packing Wuhan Maya Beach Water Park over the weekend in the city where the COVID-19 pandemic began.

As you can see, it’s absolutely rammed:

Naturally there’a a fair bit of outrage about this online as the rest of us maintain annoying but necessary social distancing guidelines to battle the virus while the city that started it is throwing awesome water park parties. I mean I get that at some point Wuhan has to return to normal but it’s still pretty lame to see them having so much fun while the rest of the world is still dealing with the fallout.

Also who the hell is DJ?

Dude is immense. Anyway, I guess we’re just jealous that China (supposedly) crushed the shit out of coronavirus and are back to normal whereas the rest of us are basically still in the thick of it. We’ll get there eventually – next Spring maybe.

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