Someone Just Spent ‘Millions’ Buying That Secret Wu-Tang Clan Album

Must be nice to be that rich.

Remember that super secret mystery album the Wu-Tang Clan had recorded and locked up in some cave in Morocco somewhere? They only made one copy of it and intended to sell it with the stipulation that it couldn’t be sold on or distributed for 88 years.

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The idea is that the album is a collector’s item, a work of art, essentially more than just music.

Well it took a while and several rejections of the $5 million asking price but someone has finally bought it, and whoever that person is reportedly paid “millions”.

Private auction house Paddle8 said that an American buyer paid the unspecified amount for the 31-track double album, after months figuring out contracts and legalities because I guess things can get a bit complicated when you’re spending millions of dollars on an album and are required to keep it secret for 88 years.

Here’s a documentary on the album (before it was sold):

So congratulations to the buyer I guess — hope it’s worth what you spent on it. Not that we’ll ever get to find out because the average Wu-Tang Clan listener doesn’t have millions to give away on a fucking album. But good to know the idea wasn’t a giant flop.

At least we can all afford the Guess Wu? board game, right? That looks like more fun anyway.


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