WTF Black & White Photos

Penguin With Syrup

Mankind is, has been and always will be strange. Here’s some historical photographic evidence.

The world we live in today is a strange, strange place. Sometimes it’s easy to forget the full level of wierdness in the world. In some places they worship Prince Phillip, in other countries they kidnap wives to order and in America it’s perfectly fine to own a gun without taking some kind of psychiatric test.

Even in merry old England things are a bit on the odd side, I mean look at Tony Blair’s face for a start – creepy. I find some solace in the thought that humanity always has been and always will be a virtual LOLcano of strangality and wierdocity. Here are some old pictures to remind us that ever since we’ve had cameras we’ve been maxing out the wierd, I presume we were doing the same even before that point, there’s just no photos of it, of course. I got most of these from here. Well worth a fumble:

Soldier Lost the Plot in the Snow

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