Would You Risk Wearing Any Of These Outrageously Offensive Fancy Dress Costumes?



Not long to go now until Halloween and what’s more enjoyable than choosing an outrageous costume to impress/offend/disgust all of your buddies?

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However, one thing you must remember is not to take it too far. We all remember Prince Harry getting in the shit for going to a party dressed as a Nazi right? It’s always a fine line that’s made easier to cross when companies like Amazon put up insanely distasteful outfits for sale, such as this ‘Sexy Arab’ one. Not cool.

We decided to put together a list of the most awful and disgusting costumes we could find on the internet, so if you’re considering going as any of these, you might want to have a rethink (if it’s bad by Sick Chirpse’s standards, chances are it is going to offend all of your friends and family). Let’s start with the least horrific and work our way up shall we?:

Anna Rexia


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Every year this costume gets banned and every year it comes back to piss the world off. I’ve never personally been affected by anorexia but I can imagine those who have would find this costume incredibly upsetting and insensitive. It’s not really cool to poke fun at a life-threatening mental and physical disease really, is it?

Any of you girls out there thinking of donning this outfit for Halloween, just be prepared for some cat fights, because chances are you’re going to piss someone off.

Terrorist bomber 


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You could imagine the UK’s answer to university frat boys thinking this would be a really funny idea to wear down the social. Proper bants and all that. But in reality, you’ll just look like a total tool who paid 40 quid to dress up in a racially and culturally offensive outfit. And you’d probably end up getting arrested too.

Used Tampon


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I’d say this one is more gross than offensive. Many people do the whole ‘used tampon’ or ‘bloody sanitary towel’ each year, and yes, it might get a few cheap laughs. Just don’t risk it if you are trying to pull this Halloween.



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Yeah, anything involving perverts shagging dead people has got to be a no, no. Still, someone went ahead and did it as you can see in the picture above. I’ve got to hand it to these two though – it’s a pretty creative way of portraying a corpse shagger. I wouldn’t have known where to start.



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And again, anything that involves dead babies will piss people off. This one’s actually been done a surprising amount of times, all in very different ways. I decided to choose the most gruesome one I could find because… well, that’s what we’re here for right?

Baby Hitler


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I decided to go with baby Hitler because I’m sure there have been loads of previous posts that point out how offensive a regular Hitler costume is. Yep, nothing gets people more riled up than the Nazis, so what better way to shock and confuse people than to dress up your cute kid as the head Fuhrer. They won’t know what to say when your toddler toddles in donning the classic Hitler tash.

Bill Cosby


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Bill Cosby aka The Date Rape King. This guy has been accused of sexually assaulting over 60 women, many of whom he used to drug. The dude in the picture did a pretty savage portrayal of Cosby, even bringing along a couple of packets of Jell-O with him. Would you risk it?

Harold Shipman 


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Doctor Harold Shipman is famous across the UK for all the wrong reasons. He killed over 200 OAPs who were patients under his care, before topping himself in prison so that his wife would receive a huge payout.

If you wanted to risk dressing as him for Halloween, the costume itself wouldn’t actually be that hard to do. Just a grey beard, syringe, doctor’s coat and a badge saying ‘Dr. Shipman’ would do. What would be difficult is trying to explain to your buddies why you decided to go dressed to their family do as a notorious serial killer. 

Jerry Sandusky victim (or any paedophile victim)


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If you guys remember, Jerry Sandusky is an American convicted serial child molester and retired college football coach. You go to any party dressed as a paedophile and one of their victims and you’re sure to offend an entire plethora of people. It’s a touchy subject to say the least.

And finally… Jimmy Savile


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Talk about saving the worst ‘till last. Anyone who thinks Jimmy Savile is a good Halloween costume choice, even before the revelations about his dodgy life, needs to rethink their social strategies. That man was a wrong’un. Still, try it if you want.

If any of you decide to go dressed as anyone from this list, pretty please send pictures and reviews. We’d love to know how it went down.

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