West Highland Terrier And Rottweiler Create New Super Cute Breed Of Dog

An unlikely romance has resulted in the creation of a new breed of dog – the wottie.

I would’ve bet everything I have that the Rottie was the dad here — nope, it’s our rambunctious little white Terrier friend. Never had so much respect for a dog than I have for this little dude right now. The sheer physics of how this doggy style worked is mind boggling but the little guy just hammered away until eventually, BOOM — new breed of dog, which doggie experts have christened the ‘wottie’.

And wouldn’t you know it — wottie pups are as cute as it gets:

Mum and Dad

mum and dad dogs

The Kids

wottie puppies

wottie puppy litter

wottie pups

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