Is This The Worst Walk Of Shame Of All Time?


At least call the poor dude an Uber.

We’ve all been subject to a walk of shame in our time – don’t deny it – but I doubt anyone could ever hope to rival the one that this dude recently had to experience.

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Twitter user skiixxi (great handle dude) was recently driving around his neighbourhood (I assume somewhere in the midwest) when he stumbled across a dude walking around in the buff in the snow with his hands covering his shrivelled up little wiener. His excuse when asked what happened is kinda relatable, but what happens after that is absolutely savage:

Oh man, I would not like to be that guy, even if he does only have to go around the corner. To be fair to skiixxi, I don’t know if I would pick up some random naked dude and want him sitting in the back of my car either, but I would probably still try and help him out.

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