The Worst Translated Movie Titles Of All Time

Latin America Movie Posters Featured

The Latin American film industry has decided it’s a good idea to change awesome film names so they sound like bargain bin trash.

So get this, apparently down in Latin America the people who are in charge of releasing movies often decide that it makes way more sense to change the name of a movie from its literal translation to something which is apparently more appropriate for their audience.

Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately, I guess they know how to market movies in their native country) this often results in said movie sounding like the kind of straight to video trash you might find in a 50p box at a charity store where you can pay that much and take home about 20 movies. I mean if Pulp Fiction was called Violent Times would people have actually seen it and would it be regarded as a classic? The same goes for The Breakfast Club being called The Club Of Five, or Sleepless In Seattle being called Love Harmony, or basically any of the titles featured here.

Completely ridiculous, but it’s pretty damn funny how cinematic masterpieces can be reduced to bargain bin fodder just by changing their name to something stupid. I’m surprised Latin America even has a film industry with some of these titles.

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The Hangover = What Happened Yesterday?

I Love You Phillip Morris = An Uneven Couple

28 Days Later = Extermination

16 Candles = Looking For A Boyfriend

Home Alone = My Poor Little Angel

 The Game = Near Death

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