This Girl’s One Night Stand Story Will Put You Off Sex For Life

One of the most repulsive stories you will ever read.

We get some pretty filthy stories sent in to us for Confessions every week, but what happened to this girl might just put her in a league of her own when it comes to grossing out the entire internet.

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Twitter user Jacqueline came across this absolute horror show of a story and just had to share the terror with the rest of us.

Take it away Jackie:


OK, so things have got a little NSFW now. But it just reaches a whole other level from there…





Yikes! Who even knew you could get parasites in your cum from shagging a corpse? I wonder if he asked her to lay still and hold her breath before he jizzed all over her just so he could feel like he was doing it to a corpse, the dirty corpse-shagger. It’s just absolute next level griminess you couldn’t even make up.

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