Student Leaves Phone Behind After One Night Stand, Girl Completely Humiliates Him On Facebook

Here’s why you should always put a password on your phone.

A student at Ulster University over in Coleraine, North Ireland made a proper balls-up of what should’ve been a pretty straightforward one night stand for him and his lady friend.

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The dope left his phone in the girl’s bedroom after sneaking out the morning after, which isn’t too much of a problem in itself except he’d been sending loads of offensive messages about her to his friends. He might have even been able to get away with that if he was smart enough to put a lock on his phone (seriously, who doesn’t have a password on their phone these days?).

Not one to be taken for a clown, the girl got revenge with this savage message she posted to his Facebook account (he’d left himself signed in):


In case you can’t read above:

Hi Mark, it’s Sarah from last night. Bet you thought you were clever sneaking out of my house this morning before I got up but you left your phone in my room.

Looked through your messages to try and find someone to get your phone back to only to see you call me a ‘fat slag’ a ‘tramp’ and a ‘box of shit’.

To whoever Conor is Mark did not finger the week box off me.

If you want your phone back come back to my house and get it. Love from the ‘big girl’ that certainly made a wee man out of you last night.

The comments kept on coming:


To be fair to Mark, he kind of sees the funny side:

I had originally sneaked away in the morning just because I wanted to avoid any awkwardness, which is quite ironic now.

It was very embarrassing having to go back to hers to get my phone but there was nothing really to say. I apologised to her for what I had said in the text messages but she didn’t really reply.

I don’t think she forgave me for it to be honest. I was only having a laugh with my friend in those messages because I was drunk – I didn’t actually mean those things I said.

I eventually plucked up the courage to call her but it must have been on vibrate as she didn’t answer the first few times. When she did, all she said was ‘your phone is here, come and get it’. So yeah, I could tell she was clearly not happy with me.

I’ve had a lot of stick from all my friends and clearly it’s taking off on social media and so on but I’m just keeping my head down trying to ignore it. I’ll meet up with the boys later to talk to them face to face and tell them the crack. But I’ll be steering clear of Facebook for a bit.

Probably a good idea. Better yet — stick a password on your phone or just generally be less of a dick about girls you hook up with?

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