This Is The Worst Pro Wrestling Match Of All Time

Worst Wrestling Match Ever

Make it your New Year’s Resolution to not be as terrible at what you do as these guys.

Ok, maybe it’s a bit mean to call this a pro wrestling match because it seems to be going on in a field somewhere with a severely limited amount of spectators, but I definitely think it’s fair that it’s described as one of the worst matches of all time.

It seems to be a triple threat match between the Headbangers’ long lost brother, a big fat guy wearing a skirt and some other dude who reminds me a bit of Lance Storm where literally everything that they try in it goes wrong. The table they set on fire goes out, they can’t even break the table however hard they try and the fat guy can’t even throw a can of soda in the other guy’s face properly from about two feet away.

Pathetic. The top 6 wrestling villains of all time would be ashamed.


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