Worst Penalty Ever

The worst penalty ever….Surprisingly it’s not one of John Terry’s or David Beckham’s.

Ages and ages ago Sick Chirpse featured what could possibly be the best penalty ever, well now we’ve come across what could definitely be described as the worst. Again, like with the best penalty ever I don’t really wanna spoilt it for you if you haven’t seen it as there’s not really any fun in that, so check it out below, then I’ll fill you in on the details after:

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That was a joke right? My favourite part was where he got booked for stopping in his run up – as the classic phrase goes it just added insult to injury. Anyway, the dude’s name was Amir Sayoud and he palys for Al Ahly which is a team that plays in Egypt. Fortunately for him, Al Ahly were beating Kima Aswan by four goals at the time he decided to try out this trick so it wasn’t that vital in respect to the result of the match. Unfortunately for him the game got caught on camera, and now over 1million people have watched him take the penalty kick on YouTube and a variety of other sites. Amir Sayoud – remember the name as it will probably show up in a pub quiz at the end of the year on the worst penalty ever. Props to Ranjeet for the tip – even though I’d already spotted it I do love the tips, so please keep sending them over/tweeting me about them.

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