Woman Creates Most Terrible Online Dating Profile Ever; Men Love It

A woman created an awful online dating profile to see if men were only attracted to hot babes and that it wouldn’t matter to them if they were completely insane. Guess what happened?

For an experiment/article over on, a woman called Alli Reed decided to create what she described as ‘the most terrible online dating profile ever’ to see just how many people would reply to it because she used pictures of a hot model in it. Despite creating one of the most hideous and awful dating profiles ever, Alli was surprised when it received over 150 messages in just under 24 hours, which kind of proves that when it comes to online dating, most men are thinking with their dicks and not their brains.

Even when she replied to these messages with similarly horrific responses – including ones where she discussed lying about being pregnant in order to get money off her ex boyfriends and sometimes not making any sense at all – the guys couldn’t get enough of her and were desperate to meet up with her ASAP and get her number. I mean she’s hot sure, but surely you would think that some of the things she was saying were enough to put people off for life, especially when you can just find another hot babe on OK Cupid with the click of a button? Apparently not and this is the perfect example of how most guys only want to bone no matter what gets in the way.

Online dating – bringing the worst out of humans since whenever it was invented.

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Worst Online Dating Profile Ever

Check out some of her replies to the messages guys sent her on the following pages:

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