Worst Hitman Of All Time Misses Three Times From Point Blank Range

This guy needs to find a new profession ASAP.

This CCTV footage out of Brazil shows an attempted murder take place outside a shop, and it really couldn’t have been a worse effort from the gunman.

He fires at the target three times, hitting him twice, but somehow still doesn’t manage to kill him.

Watch below:

I don’t think he’ll be collecting payment for that one. In fact I doubt anyone will even hire him as a hitman again. Probably best he finds a new job and one that doesn’t involve aiming at things, much less shooting them. Horrible experience for both men — one thinking he’s moments away from death and the other realising he’s really, really shit at his job.

For a Bulgarian assassination attempt (and fail) that you really have to see to believe, click HERE.


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