These Two Guys Are Officially The Worst Frisbee Throwers In The Universe

If you’ve ever doubted your frisbee skills, let these guys put your mind at rest.

Who doesn’t enjoy a leisurely game of frisbee on a summer’s day? Mr Frisbee was a genius. It’s just a simple disc of curved plastic, but the joy it can bring is unbridled. Remember the drummer from Weezer who caught one without missing a beat? Or that amazing ultimate frisbee catch? Their simplicity belies their variety.

I must admit though, if I’m chilling at the park or the beach and a stranger’s frisbee accidentally ends up at my feet, I do get into a bit of a panic. All of a sudden the pressure is on. If I don’t throw the frisbee back in a quick and accurate fashion I will be a laughing-stock and lose 10100 man points.

It’s not that I don’t know how to throw a frisbee, and on a day where there’s no pressure to perform I can thrown it pretty accurately. But when you’re suddenly thrust into the limelight like that it can all get a bit too much.

But, from now on, I will no longer fear the out-of-the-blue-frisbee-encounter. It doesn’t matter how crap I am at throwing it, I will never be as shoddy as the Bosnian fellas in the video below. Somehow they seem to have missed the frisbee memo. They have literally no idea what they’re supposed to do.

It’s as if they were trying to find the least fun and most idiotic way to throw a frisbee. And boy, did they succeed.

Check out these guys:

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