In Russia, Throwing Around A Tree Log Is A Game – Sometimes You Get Knocked Out Though

Russian Guys Throwing Tree Trunk

Only in Russia hey?

We all know that our friends in Russia might be a little different to us – check out our From Russia With Love series for definite proof of that – and this is yet another example of how things are completely weird over there.

Over here, sometimes you and your buddies might throw a ball around for fun when you’re drinking outside, just playing catch and having a good time or whatever. In Russia though, some guys have decided to throw a massive tree trunk around instead.

That might sound like fun for a hot minute, but it really isn’t when you’re completely wasted and the tree trunk smashes you in the head and knocks you out cold for ten minutes. Ouch. At least it wasn’t as bad as the most wasted guy ever though, who surprisingly wasn’t even Russian.


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