Introducing The Worst Movie Extras In History

James Bond On Bike

You had literally one largely meaningless job and you screwed it up beyond comprehension.

The new James Bond movie, ‘Spectre’, just came out. Now, as everyone knows, James Bond oozes timeless class, and the film’s female leads are always the pinnacle of sophistication. And yet, through the decades, the James Bond franchise has always offered up some fairly bait background acting on a pretty consistent basis.

I’m talking GoldenEye style Soviets with machine guns missing Bond with every bullet, before promptly catapulting over a banister due to some kind of ricochet scenario. And what about those ridiculous ‘pressure point’ type moves from the older films, where one swift chopping motion to the neck sends a guy’s lights out?

Perhaps ‘Spectre’ will be free of any of these little mishaps, and I’m sure it is – to be fair I haven’t seen it yet. But just in celebration of the new release, let’s take a look at a classic moment from ‘Quantum of Solace’.

Without further ado, I present to you, ‘man with broom’…

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Nope. Not even touching the floor there with that broom. Bless. In honour of our ‘man with broom’, here’s some of the worst extras in movie history…

Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope — Storm Trooper — Mind Ya Head

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