Copies Of The World’s Worst Video Game Set To Be Auctioned Off For Xmas

World's Worst Video Game

The remaining copies of E.T. the video game had been buried in the New Mexico desperate.

You might remember that a very long time ago we told you all about the E.T. the video game which has gone down in the annals of history as the worst video game of all time for a multitude of reasons. It was in fact so bad that it contributed to the collapse of the video games industry in the early 80s and legend had it that Atari had to bury most copies of it in the New Mexico desert because they were simply that hard to get rid of.

The good news is that earlier this year, a major dig managed to unearth 1300 copies of the game and proved that this was actually true and not just a really sick urban legend. The town council has now voted to sell over half of these via an auction, whilst keeping some of the rest for historical purposes. Apparently the museum of Rome has already been in touch to request a copy.

There’s also set to be a Microsoft documentary about the game coming out soon. Site Supervisor Joe Lewandowski said the following:

Watching the excavation was like seeing a phoenix rising from the desert. It was like the beginning, end, and a new beginning for the video game industry when we found these games.

Sounds like he had a monumental time working on the dig. If you want to bid for a game, then check out the Alamgordo city council’s website in two weeks time.


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