Check Out The World’s Tiniest Rodeo – A Frog Riding A Beetle

Frog Riding A Beetle

He definitely lasts more than 7 seconds.

A wildlife photographer based in Indonesia named Hendy MP has captured images of what he’s calling the world’s tiniest rodeo – a tree frog trying to ride a giant horned wood-boring beetle. The frog itself is a Reinwardt’s Flying Frog which is a threatened species which can glide down from the trees suing the skin between its fingers and toes. It also looks like it can mix it up with a beetle.

MP caught the images not far from his home near Sambas in Indonesia. He’s a stunted of macro photography and often captures images of lizards and insects but these might be his most impressive images yet. Scroll through the slideshow to check them out by using the arrow keys on your computer or slide on mobile.

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Images Via Hendy MP

Frog Riding Beetle 1

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