The World’s Tallest, Fastest And Longest Dive Coaster Just Opened At Cedar Point, Ohio


The roller coaster game has changed again.

It was the start of theme park season over in the states last weekend, and Cedar Point in Ohio had a special surprise for visitors with the opening of Valravn – the tallest, fastest and longest dive coaster in the world.

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The ride gives its participants a sweeping view of Lake Erie before plummeting at a 90 degree angle at 75mph. It also turns you upside down three times and basically scares the living shit out of you. Here’s a POV video of it in action which can demonstrate this far better than I could ever write about it:

Whoa. That is a long way up. And a steep way down.

I guess there isn’t really much going on after the initial drop on the coaster, but I think you have that with most rides in general in that after the big attraction at the start they kinda die out and the rest is fairly tame in comparison. Why doesn’t anyone ever make one that is all white knuckle all the way through?

In any case, I need to get on a plane to Ohio to try that immediately…..if only there was actually a reason to go to Ohio. For more badass rides, check out this one that has been described as the most vomit inducing in history.


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