The World’s Strongest Man’s Daily Diet Will Make You Feel Sick (VIDEO)

Brian Shaw

Strong man cooking show.

Brian Shaw is an American professional strongman and he is currently known worldwide as one of the World’s Strongest Men’s most colossal competitors.

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For the first time ever, he’s decided to show the world the obscene amount of food he has to eat to consume 12000 calories each and every day:

I love how the video starts with him eating EIGHT eggs and he doesn’t even feel full up. You would’ve thought that the hardest part about being the ‘World’s Strongest Man’ would be the working out, but as Shaw says, it’s the eating that really takes its toll because it is constant.

I think I’m going to stick to being a skinny little wanker – at least I can enjoy the occasional sausage roll without having to worry about eating 50 more.


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