What Are The World’s Most Popular Vape Juice Brands?

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There’s only one thing in the world that’s more fun than getting a big shipment of your favorite vape juice, and that is trying a new e-liquid for the first time. The best part about experimenting with new e-liquid brands and flavors these days is that you can always expect to receive a high-quality product. Today, virtually every e-liquid company makes its products in a true clean-room environment with factory-style automation that allows for total consistency from one bottle to the next. In the past, that wasn’t always the case. In the early years of vaping, it was crucial to read reports from other customers before trying a new e-liquid brand for the first time because brands could often be extremely variable in their quality standards.

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Although the overall level of quality in the e-liquid industry is higher now than it’s ever been, some brands are better than others when it comes to creating flavors that please the mass market. The brands that are most successful in that department have become the most popular e-liquid makers in the world. You can buy from those companies with complete confidence – not only because you can be assured of the product’s quality, but also because you can be relatively certain that you’ll actually enjoy the flavor of the e-liquid.

Are you in the mood to experiment with some new vape juice flavors? These are the world’s most popular vape juice brands.

Naked 100

Naked 100 is easily one of the most popular and most important vape juice brands in the history of the industry. You can see how important the Naked 100 brand is just by looking at the company’s bottles. You’ll see a label and bottle design that simply exudes a sense of understated class and confidence. Naked 100 is a vape juice company that has never needed to use flashy colors, cartoon character mascots or hype-filled language. The flavor names speak for themselves – and what amazing flavors they are. With flavors ranging from a brilliant collection of fruity concoctions to a new line of super-tasty tobacco e-liquids, it’s safe to say that Naked 100 has something for just about everyone.

One Hit Wonder

One Hit Wonder is a special company in the history of the vaping industry because it was one of the first brands to popularize e-liquids with extremely sweet flavor profiles. When One Hit Wonder released the all-time classic vape juice Muffin Man, the vaping industry changed forever. People had one puff of that e-liquid’s apple-cinnamon doughnut flavor, and all at once, every vape juice brand that didn’t have a range of sweet flavors available suddenly looked extremely old fashioned. Muffin Man kickstarted the sweetened e-liquid trend. As for One Hit Wonder, let’s just say that they didn’t exactly live up to their name. When the band’s full product lineup started to reach the market, One Hit Wonder turned out to be an endless hit parade. If you’re looking for an e-liquid brand that offers a pure and decadent dessert experience, it’s got to be One Hit Wonder.

Beard Vape Co

The classic logo of Beard Vape Co stands out on the shelves of any vape shop – and one look at that bearded silhouette tells you everything you need to know about this brand. Beard Vape Co entered the market with an enigmatic selection of numbered e-liquids that you just had to try – or find reviews from customers – if you wanted to know what they tasted like. The marketing tactic worked, because everyone who tried an e-liquid from Beard Vape Co absolutely loved it. You can still find Beard Vape Co’s original numbered e-liquids on shelves today, but the brand has also expanded its lineup to feature some vape juices with more traditional names. The people at Beard Vape have never lost their flair for audacious flavor design, though, with amazing products like The One – an e-liquid that attempts to cram all of the most popular individual flavor notes into a single vape juice and actually manages to pull the feat off – leading the pack.

Charlie’s Chalk Dust

If you’re intrigued by the idea of a vape juice brand with a bit of a whimsical take on flavor design, you’re really going to enjoy the amazing products from Charlie’s Chalk Dust. For a perfect example of the unique perspective of the people at Charlie’s Chalk Dust, look no further than the delicious Uncle Meringue e-liquid. This is a vape juice with a picture on the box of a guy with dreadlocks and a hat that looks like a slice of meringue pie. If that’s not off the beaten track, we don’t know what is – and the thing is that, as weird as the product names and packages often are, every e-liquid from Charlie’s Chalk Dust tastes absolutely delicious. Dream Cream is a perfect example of the genius of Charlie’s Chalk Dust. Featuring a mildly spicy cinnamon base and one of the most realistic sweet cream flavors on the market, Dream Cream tastes like eating the cinnamon and whipped cream from the top of a cappuccino.

Jam Monster

There’s a lot to be said in the business world for the value of doing one thing and doing it very well. That’s obviously a philosophy that the people at Jam Monster have taken to heart. Every Jam Monster e-liquid follows the same theme by starting with a base that tastes just like a slice of brown, crispy toast covered with sweet, creamy butter. Now, if you had a slice of warm buttered toast, what’s the next thing that you would reach for? It would be a jar of your favorite jam, of course. That’s the magic that completes the Jam Monster vape juice formula. Every Jam Monster e-liquid finishes with the flavor of a classic jam like grape, blueberry, strawberry or apple. If you like one Jam Monster vape juice, you’ll probably love them all – and choosing which one to try first is as simple as selecting your favorite jam flavor. It’s the ultimate breakfast vaping experience.


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