The World’s Largest Nerf Gun Is Absolutely Fucking Insane (VIDEO)

Imagine blasting your mates with one of these bad boys.

Former NASA engineer and now science YouTuber Mark Rober (and his friends) have created the world’s largest functional Nerf gun to protect himself from office Nerf fights.

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It’s powered by a 3000-pounds-per-square-inch paintball canister that shoots air into a firing chamber when the trigger is pushed forward.

When you’re ready to fire, you pull the giant trigger back and the firing chamber kicks air into the main cylinder, shooting the dart out at 40MPH.

It works beautifully.

Is it childish that I want to grab one of these and just go around blasting people in the park with it? I mean there’s no way I can go back to the normal nerf guns of my childhood with their weak flimsy projectiles after watching this. Need an oversized nerf gun that’s going to break bones, bruise skin and rip flesh apart like Mark here.

Just don’t go around firing one of these things (oversized or not) at police officers, or you’ll end up like this YouTube prankster.


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