‘World’s Hottest Football Referee’ Ekaterina Kostyunina Strips Naked For NSFW Instagram Photoshoot

Penalise me.

Ever heard for Ekaterina Kostyunina – the world’s hottest football referee? Well you won’t have, because she only referees semi-professional games over in Russia, but she does plan to eventually graduate to the Russian Premier League before ultimately achieving her dream of becoming a FIFA-accredited referee.

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While she works to make that dream a reality, there’s no reason why she can’t also moonlight as an Instagram model, and sure enough this week Ekaterina has partaken in the ‘hottest photo session’ (her words) of her life, as evidenced below:

Mama mia! That’s one way to get football fans on your side. As we know, football referees are the most despised officials in all of sports. No one likes them and no one respects them, and the worst part is – they never face punishment for making shitty decisions on the pitch. A lot of the time the main discussion around a game is centred around a wrong call the referee made. That just can’t be right, can it?

Well, maybe if Mike Dean or Anthony Taylor were hot Russian girls in their 20s who shared hot pics on Instagram, then the football fanbases of the world would feel differently about them. Alas they are not, but Ekaterina is! Finally a ref we can feel good about and forgive the odd mistake here and there. Can’t wait till she’s refereeing the Manchester and North London derbies in the Premier League.

For the rugby player who received a red card for lifting a referee up above his head like Simba, click HERE. Better not try that on Ekaterina.


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