Rugby Player Receives Red Card For Picking Up Referee Above His Head Like Simba

Absolute violation.

A rugby player over in France was shown a red card and sent off the pitch after picking up the referee and holding him up in the air like a little baby during his celebration.

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Nevers player Josaia Raisuqe got a little bit too hyped over the fact his team were leading 30 – 25 in the dying moments of the game, and celebrated by picking the referee up like some kind of rugby version of the Lion King:

Lol. Hilarious move by that tank and even funnier when you see the shock and horror in the ref’s eyes as he’s hoisted up in the air. Fair play to him for pulling out the red card because that was literally the only way he could have saved even a little bit of face in that situation.

On the plus side for Josaia Raisuqe, he may have been sent off but 1) his team won the game regardless and 2) he now has this video footage forever. I mean we see wacky celebrations in sports all the time from people jumping into the crowd to pulling off their shirts or busting out some dance moves. I’m pretty sure we’ve never seen a guy lift a referee up into the air like that and for that reason alone, that red card was totally worth it. Can you imagine Adama Traore or someone doing that to Mike Dean in the Premier League? Please, make it happen.

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