Researchers Discover The World’s Deepest Living Fish

World's Deepest Living Fish

It exists 8145 feet below the surface of the Earth.

Following on from the first live picture of the black seadevil anglerfish from Finding Nemo, scientists have hit it out of the ballpark yet again by discovering a new fish at the very bottom of the Mariana Trench – the deepest place on Earth.

It beats the previous species depth record by about 500 feet, clocking in at 8145 feet. Alan Jamieson, of the University of Aberdeen made the following statement about it:

This really deep fish did not look like anything we had seen before, nor does it look like anything we know of. It is unbelievably fragile, with large wing-like fins and a head resembling a cartoon dog.

Well, it does kind of look like a cartoon dog that’s true, but surely that means it kind of looks like something we’ve seen before? And after all is said and done, it still looks like a fish. Dude needs to get a bit more scientific about this stuff.


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